Why Choose Us

Dirk Squire, CEO of Squire Construction Corp
Dirk Squire, CEO of Squire Construction Corp

Choose Ventura’s Most Trusted Commercial Contractors, to create an immediate and lasting impression that will generate substantial returns to you over time.

The space in your office and design of your building creates a presence that your customers (and employees) respond to even before the conversation.  

We Are Well Established & Trusted in Ventura County

We have been in business for 22 years because our customers know that they can count on consistency, quality & accuracy. You’ll get exactly what you need from our caring and professional team who have over 35 years of experience managing commercial construction projects in Ventura County.

A side affect of this is that you can also rest assured knowing that if you ever need us again, we’ll still be around — just waiting to know what we can do to help. Check out our customer Testimonials page to peruse our overwhelmingly positive feedback, or our Portfolio page to see  more detailed information about our successes.

We Are A Full Service Design & Construction Agency

We know how ridiculous and frustrating it can be coordinating between several contractors. As optimistic as things seem in the beginning, this process always tends to slow things down and inevitably leads to headaches, loopholes or outright gaps in service. so we are here for you.

Work with the very best Ventura County Commercial Construction company to coordinate the entire process, including design, permitting, environmental review, engineering, architecture and construction. No matter how large or small your project, contact us today to get a professional estimate! 

We Understand the Challenges & Details of Coordinating a Commercial Construction Project

Poor coordination can kill a project before it even gets off the ground, so choose a company that has a reputation for excellence. Our experienced commercial builders have the skill to both design and build, because we understand the challenges of unique industry parameters and local regulations.

We gladly meet those challenges with customized innovative designs. You can depend on us to offer you the most cost effective building solutions combining design, engineering and construction capabilities with the best quality materials and workers.

We Listen to Your Needs & Communicate Clearly

Attention to detail and the ability to see the whole project from beginning to end are important factors to consider when you choose the team of professionals that you want to work with. Knowing what you want and being able to explain it saves time and money for all parties involved but sometimes you need an expert interpreter. Our responsibility to you, is to create a project that transitions smoothly from your vision to your completed structure. We be sure that the bid covers everything you want, saving you time, stress and heartache.

We provide a complete scope of work, warranties, references, time frames and price so that there are no surprises, misunderstandings or extra cost. Regardless of how much work needs to be done, our experts belabor the details of your project and offer status updates, so you know how everything is going.

We Build for the Future of Your Company

We combine the latest advances in construction technique and top quality workmanship to ensure that you have a building that will be just cost effective in the future as well as during the process. Each project site has its own special requirements and if developed efficiently will save you money and time.

Your construction project with us has the potential to create a lasting impression on your clients, that will drive your bottom line before you even sit down to negotiate. Make the most of it by working with people who see the big picture.

We Provide Intelligent, Attentive Service with a Smile

Since you are coordinating all other economic activities of your business, you need a construction team that you can rely on to keep you informed and to stay on schedule. Our friendly, accessible & knowledgable staff are always happy to answer your questions and to help you define your project milestones.

We love solving problems, sharing successes, and working ahead of schedule so don’t be surprised if you happen to get periodic phone call from your design team with achievement updates.