Design & Build Services

We’ve Spent 35 Years Simplifying Commercial Construction for Our Clients

Ventura County Commercial Construction Contractor (5)We have been succeeding in commercial construction for 35 years and we’re here to stay. The reason for our success is our ability to make the process easy for our customers. We have adopted a Design Build Construction model to keep things as simple as possible. The collaboration between our construction and design teams allows us to bring many value-driven, innovative ideas to our projects, which are passed on as savings to our clients.

We do this by offering a full-range of “from the ground up” services that help you save you time and money. Our experts with over 30 years of experience can handle everything from site acquisition to property management

Our Pros can Manage your Project Every Step of the way.

Development Services

Our regional presence, full-service capabilities and financial strength make us one of the premier developers in Region, offering a broad array of client-driven commercial construction services. Our clients seek us for creative solutions to deal-breaking problems, and we deliver with a full range of development services.


The most important aspects of a project are handled before ground is ever broken. SQUIRE provides essential pre-construction services including but not limited to: Conceptual Estimating, Value Engineering, Feasibility and Constructability Review, Scheduling, Subcontractor Pre-qualification and Input, Site Evaluation, Permitting and Building Systems Analysis, Design Coordination, Cost Estimating and Budgeting.

Design & Build Services

We have applied the design build approach to many of our projects during our 22 years of service. Our in-house architecture and engineering staff work closely with our construction team and our partners to provide lower cost design solutions without compromising quality of our projects.


Successfully overseeing a large-scale construction project from start to finish requires expertise, experience, a team approach, excellent management, excellent communication skills, and a great deal of dedication. We bring these attributes to every project, coordinating the many activities taking place on a job, and keeping all participants working in concert toward a successful end product.

We Plan for Regional Compliance Standards

Ventura County Commercial Construction Contractor (25)Every project is different, so it is important to understand your specific priorities, expectations and needs. Some of our clients have very specific guidelines. Some clients simply want a “go-to” person responsible for the elements that ensure a timely delivery.

Every municipality has its own code standards and zoning ordinances that need to be layered into a project. Sometimes the planning approvals take longer than the construction. Many buildings have specific performance needs including crane loads, equipment foundations and temperature and humidity controls along energy management systems.

Buildings we work in and around may be fully occupied, bringing into play safety management issues, ensuring both the operations and constructions teams are working effectively together. Some building projects need to the GREEN certified. No matter the uniqueness of your situation all projects need to be delivered on time and within budget.

We Also Revamp Older Buildings for Energy Efficiency

Old construction technology & regular “wear and tear” makes many commercial properties expensive to run.  Our engineers work to offer better building techniques, energy efficiency updates & conservation strategies. Often times we start simple  with better lighting, energy efficient windows, and non-toxic, long lasting insulation. These small updates generate immediate returns by reducing your monthly expenses. Before you know it, your tenant improvement project will have paid for itself!

Southern California Areas We Serve

We serve Ventura County, Santa Barbara County and Los Angeles County. We are fully capable of building New Commercial Buildings, completing Tenant Improvements, or whatever it is that your business needs to expand, grow and become more profitable. We understand business and business owners, and that puts us right where we need to be with our commercial clients.